Custom Software & Web Solutions

Hi, my name is Dan Le Cordier. Think of me as your back end support person that can help you bring your missions to life.

I specialise in collaborating with people to help them do the things they need (or just want!) to do. The tech bit is only a part of the story.

How can I help?

Web Development – Simple & effective

Helping you design, implement, and launch your next project. When you need something that looks great, works how you imagined, and doesn’t take all your valuable resources to get up and running! Let me take care of:

  • Design implementation
  • Plugin integration
  • Workflow design & training
  • Hosting, deployment, & all the annoying little technical “got ya!” moments.

Scenario: “Hey Dan, I’m starting a new project / business that I’m very excited about! I need a website built that will do all the things that I need it to do, but is simple enough for me to drive it when it’s done. Can you help?

Data Missions – Tools to get the job done

Helping you manage and execute on your data adventures through leveraging glory of programming. Think custom programs and interfaces to help:

  • Handle data processing tasks.
  • Merge and analyse data from various sources
  • Generate reports
  • Create custom data workflows to meet specific needs

Scenario: “Hey Dan, every week I do this thing where I have 4 spreadsheets that I need to smush* together in order to make this entirely new spreadsheet / report / output. Can you program me up a thing to do the heavy lifting?

*sounds like “push”

Custom Development – Bespoke & fancy

Sometimes you find yourself in a space where you need a specific interface built to manage an ongoing mission. This often looks like needing an interface that talks to a database that is managing an adventure you oversee. Think custom portals for things like:

  • Booking management
  • Inventory management
  • Repairs management
  • Facilitating connection between clients and providers

If you need someone in your corner for your next project…

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me a bit about your next adventure, and we’ll take it from there.